Welcome to Cozy Toes

My name is Grayson Esslinger. I'm 18 years old, and a Freshman in college. I started Cozy Toes when I was 6, and over the course of 8 years, I collected shoes and boots for children in need. During that time, Cozy Toes collected, cleaned, purchased and distributed over 6,000 shoes and boots to help those less fortunate get through the Winter.


Latest News - updated 09/21/2009

9/21/2009 -Cozy Toes Hangs Up the Laces - A note of Thanks & Goodbye (for now).

11/05/2008 - The Fall collection is in full swing. Here's my 2008 flyer. Please download it and post it at your school, church or other place where it will be seen!

9/15/2008 - We getting ready to kick-off our Fall collection. Stay tuned!

1/18/2008 - We finished counting today, and have a grand total of 1,140 pair for this year! My dad took off work and borrowed the work van (Thank You!) and we delivered all the shoes on this cold, windy, snowy day!

11/23/07 - Finally found some time to post a new count. I'm at 664, and still need your help! A special Thank You to Mr. Abraham for providing a storage location!

10/12/07 - Getting a late start this year, but already have 145 pair of shoes and boots. A special 'Thank You' to Gary and Laurie at Service Oil Company for being a collection point!

4/15/07 - Check out my new Picture Gallery!

3/31/07 - I was recognized by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge 292 in Oshkosh for my work with Cozy Toes. Exalted Ruler, Tom Widzinski, presented me with the Student of the Year award. Thank you so much to Mr. Widzinski and the Oshkosh Elks!

3/12/07 - Final counts for this season - Oshkosh, WI-731 - New Berlin, WI-180 - Phoenix, AZ-275 - for a GRAND TOTAL of 1,186! Thank you all - please see my Thank You flyer.

1/17/07 - Still counting, another 195 pair - for a new total of 731.

11/24/06 - More time in the garage today. Cleaned and counted 169 pair - for a new total of 536. Still a long way to go - so please check your closets for more!

11/11/06 - Spent the day out in the garage, cleaning and counting shoes. Added another 98 to the count - bringing the total to 372. There are still more to count, and more on their way - but I can always use more - so please do what you can to help!

10/01/06 - I joined my old friends at Zion United Methodist in Colgate for worship today, and asked them to support Cozy Toes. It was really great to see everyone. The current update on the count is 274 - more than 25% of the way to my goal!

9/17/06 - My 2006 Flyer is now online. Click here or visit my 'links' page. My 2006 collection goal is 1,000 pair - and I'm off to a good start with 206 pair already!

12/20/05 - Success! I achieved my goal of 900 - with a final count of 906 pair of shoes and boots! With the help of my cousins, that makes a combined total of 1,284! Thanks to all of you - many children (and adults too) will have warm feet for the Holiday season!!

12/19/05 - The New Berlin, WI Chapter reports a final count of 178. Great job Shayna & Alicia!

12/09/05 - The Phoenix, AZ Chapter reports a final count of 200. Great job Hannah & Emily!

11/17/04 - Added new 'Thanks' page to recognize all who support me - AND - my Dad made me a new 'Contact' page!

10/01/05 - My cousins, Shayna & Alicia Putney have started the New Berlin, Wisconsin Chapter of Cozy Toes! They have already collected 116 pair of shoes and boots. Check back soon to see their flyer.

9/15/05 - My cousins, Hannah & Emily Risley have started the Phoenix, Arizona Chapter of Cozy Toes! They have set their first year goal at 200 pair of shoes and boots. Click here to see their flyer. Aren't they cute!!

8/01/05 - I'm on the cover of 'FYI' (Family Year-round Ideas) magazine! Pick up a free copy at your local retailers, and please frequent their sponsors.

7/13/05 - Site updated for 2005 - new 2005 flyer is available on the 'links' page.

7/13/05 - Goal for 2005 set at 900 pair of shoes and boots!!